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Hadad, Kerry  ( - )  - Accountant

Lyndersay, Mark  ( - )  -

John, Wendell  ( - )  - Securities Trader/entrepreneur

Montano, Marlon  ( - )  - Store Clerk/Canadian Reserves crewman

Brathwaite, Eric  ( - )  - Artist

Lee Hing, Matthew  ( - )  - Student

Ahong, Richard  ( - )  - Senior Database Architect/Administrator

Currently living in Canada; Married with two kids; actively participate in triathlons.

Roberts, Wendell  ( - )  - Actuarial Analyst

Some of my best memories are of my days at Trinity.

fool, humpry  (03 - 05)  -

Clarke, Horace  (1956 - 1958)  - Telecomms. eng.

Left Tdad in 1958, went to England, attended Holand Park School, worked at UC London as Bio/Chem Tech. Studied telecomms. while at Brit. Telecomms. co. returned to Tdad 1980. Self employed, trading as Tel-Electric Services.

Aleong, Kent  (1957 - 64)  - Customer Service Manager

Jeffers, Edme  (1957 - 64)  - Systems Engineer/Adjunct Math Prof.

Smith, Steve  (1958 - 66)  - Computer Consultant

Mac Donald, James Brian  (1958 - 64)  - Data Processing

Cooper, Winston  (1958 - 62)  - Advertising

Ferreira, Hugh Lanny  (1958 - 63)  - Manager-Technology

Aleong, Kent  (1958 - 67)  - IT

Retired and now living in Orlando, Florida

Joseph, Winston  (1958 - 65)  - Priest serving -WestPalm Beach Fl

One of the first students to enter Trinity at Melbourne Street at the age of 9 on a choral Scholarship from the Cathedral

Macdonald, Brian  (1958 - 62)  - Data processing. Dun wid dat !!

I finally got old enough to become semi-retired.Bestest days were at Trinity.Three sons 29,27,9 Last one is with 2nd. wife 15 yrs. younger!!!. Miss roti,Ole Mas' and wutlessness. Living in Florida 27 yrs.but can still find Caribs.!!

Subero, Keith  (1958 - 1964)  - Accountant

Worked for Amoco T'dad (BP) 1971-1990, migrated in 1990. Residing and working in Calgary AB. From of the original Melbourne Street gang.

Brown, Alvor  (1958 - 1964)  - Marketing and Emergency Management

School Prefect. MBA Marketing Management. Living in United States since 1965. Come home for Carnival every year.

Clarke, Gerald  (1958 - 1958)  - Retired Internal Audit Manager.

My brother Horace and I were amongst the first intake at Trinity College, which was then situated in Richmond Street. We soon emigrated to the UK, where I have lived ever since. Horace returned to Trinidad some years and resides in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin. I am married with two married sons, and four grand children.

Rooks, Aldwyn  (1959 - 63)  - Snr. Telecom Engineering Specialist

Phillip, Learie  (1959 - 64)  - SchoolAdministrator

Currently serving as Principal of Theodore Roosevelt Sr. High school in Washington D.C . Attended George Mason University in Virginia and completed a M.Ed in Bilingual/Multicultural Education prior to joining the DC Public schools.

Hirsinger, Gernot  (1959 - 67)  - electronics engineer / translator

Unfond memories of Trunity, but good friends from school days! Now far away in Berlin, Germany

Greenhall, Paul  (1959 - 63)  - Museum Specialist

Graduated Wester High US 1965; US Army shortly afterwards Viet Nam Tour; Graduated University of Maryland 1973. Smithsonian Institution 1973 to present

Greenidge, Ian  (1959 - 1962)  - Consultant (Housing Finance)(U.K.)

I was one of the second cohort of Trinity College students and joined when the main building was at the rear of Richmond Street boys school. Peter Helps was then Headmaster. Amongst the local teachers at that time whose names I remember, were Miss Ogle, Mr Spicer & Mr Adams. The latter being the only one with whom I have had contact since, as we met from time to time over the years here, in London. Some of the names of fellow students that I recall are: Frank Collins, Bruce Seal, Andre Jones, Dennis Edgehill, Anthony Stanford, Orson Lakhan & Winston Joseph. I left Trinidad on Independence day 1962 for what was meant to be a short visit to London, and have lived here since. I now visit TnT as often as I can, usually during the Carnival period. It gives me the opportunity to meet many of those still residing in TnT, as well as those who like me live in "Exile". Trinity College did provided me with a firm foundation. I wish the school a happy 50th.

Johnson, Lee  (1960 - 67)  - Advertising

Thomas, Garth  (1960 - 67)  - Financial Consultant/trainer

past president of the Alumni Association. Top UTC individual agent for 11years

Kerry, David  (1960 - 66)  - Lawyer

I left Trinity in '66 and came to England. I am a partner in firm of solicitors. I have 3 sons and am married to Liz. We live close to London . Some of those I was at school with may remember that I cycled for Trinidad.

Collins, Frank  (1960 - 65)  - Administrator in the Health Industry

I attended Trinity before the move to Moka. Our principal at the time, Mr. Peter Helps, used to take us to visit the future site of Trinity My biggest wish is to one day visit Trinity at Moka as I have never seen it.

Lucas, George Oliver Anthony  (1960 - 65)  - Banking/Computer Programmer

I joined Republic Bank in July 1967 where I worked my way through the Organisation from clerk to Chief Programmer and to Manager. Got married Angela Glean and we have one daughter, Maria. Migrated to Atlanta in Dec. of 2005 wherewe now live.

McLean, Chessfield  (1961 - 66)  - Certified General Accountant (Canada)

President, JKS Industrial Inc. Toronto Distribution Company: Industrial Tooling and Diamond Based Grinding Products. Residing in Toronto since 1969. Return to T&T frequently for vacation.

Kerry, Simon  (1961 - 67)  - Social Worker

Moved to Australia in 1974, initially travelled then trained in Social Work 1982 - 86. Have worked in the Northern Territory, currently living in New South Wales, semi-retired. Married, no children. Still remember the good days at Trinity.

Stoute, Roger  (1961 - 69)  - Varied

Immigrated to Australia 1971. Selfemployed in different fields

Holder, Ruthven  (1961 - 66)  - RETIRED


Leach, Curtis  (1961 - 1969)  - Business Development Manager

1 Reflection Drive Sunrise Park Trincity

Paterson, Ian  (1962 - 67)  - Fine Jeweller / Gemmologist

Hirsinger, Volker  (1962 - 66)  - geoscience software developer

We develop oil+gas exploration systems in Adelaide, Australia. Haven't met any ex Trinity people in my travels of the oil industry!

Storey, Mervyn  (1962 - 1967)  - Education Diagnostician

Currently lives in El Paso, Texas. Retired from the US Army after 23 years of service. Got a Master Degree in Business Management, and Masters in Education. I been employed in El Paso Independent School District since my military retirement in 1994. I have two brothers who also attended Trinity. Tex Joseph, and Armount Joseph. They currently reside in New York.

Murray, Lindhurst  (1963 - 69)  - Management Consultant

Justice of the Peace Soldier in the T&T Volunteer Defence Force. Managing Director of MCM and Company

Elcock, Ronald  (1963 - 70)  - Sales Co-ordinator /Trainer

Studies:Company Administration Venezuela. Job: Sales Coordinator and Trainer - airline. Work:Travel throughout the region including so and CENAM. Train staff/boost sales effort. Wife: Mireya Life Motto: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Farquharson, Cyril  (1963 - 19)  - Airline Pilot [retired]

I was at Melbourne Street.My most vivid moment was on November 22, 1963, when playing chess after school. Suddenly a fellow student entered and said, "Kennedy has been shot in Dallas..."

Thom, Edmund  (1963 - 1968)  - Snr. System's Engineer

Past student at Melbourne St. and Moka. Working in New York. Studied at Kaplan U.

Blenman, Carl  (1964 - 69)  - Computer Network Administrator

Sammy, Neil I.  (1964 - 72)  - Business Analyst - C.U.A. Canada

Timkee, Denis  (1964 - 69)  - Accountant; MBA student

Francis, Willoughby  (1964 - 69)  - Telecommunications Manager

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