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Old Boy - Quinten Questel

Mr. Quinten Questel is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant of Digital Business Limited a leading ICT Consulting, E-Business services and Knowledge Management firm based in the Caribbean. His technical background in ICT, E-Commerce and Knowledge Management is complemented by his knowledge of the strategy and policy issues faced by Governments, Citizens and Businesses in these new and emerging areas. He also has considerable experience in development and implementation of ICT and E-Commerce solutions to some of the leading companies in the Caribbean Region.

This combination of skills and experience has contributed significantly to his past assignment as the Director of the National E-Commerce Secretariat of Trinidad and Tobago where he was responsible for the strategy and policy formulation in the area of E-Commerce for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Questel was also the Chairman of the Technical Committee to Review and Recommend the Appropriate National Policy for the Administration of the Trinidad and Tobago Country Code Top Level Domain and as a member of the Government Advisory Committee of ICANN. He was also the Chairman of the National Small and Medium Sized Enterprises ICT Competitiveness Committee.

Mr. Questel holds a MBA from the Henley Management College, United Kingdom and has over 15 years experience in this field.

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