About this site
The Trinity College, Moka web site has been online since 1996. It was created by a past student Brian Lewis (1978-83).

The initial goals of the site were: 

  1. to ensure that Trinity College had a strong presence on the Internet
  2. alumni and present students had a place to contact each other and keep up to date with school activities
  3. to give us a place to remember the good ole days "in de bush".

Based on the response to the site and the emails we receive on a regular basis, these initial goals have been realised.

Now, we move onto the next level - integrating the site with the management of the school to ensure that benefits of the Internet can be extended directly to Trinity College. EXCITING TIMES ARE AHEAD FOR TRINITY COLLEGE, MOKA, MARAVAL.

Stay tuned, and happy surfing,
Brian Lewis

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