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Santana, Crystal  (2000 - 2002)  - Student

I am me

Santiago, Michael  (1970 - 1977)  - Lecturer

My days at Trinity were some of the most enjoyable of my life. Great teachers, lots of work and even more fun. I was known as Santana and the Cobra and had the honour of being the captain of the college's first ever Intercol team. I would give anything to just re-live one day at Moka. I moved to England in 1983 and completed a BA, Masters and PhD mostly in Politics and International Relations. Since then I have done mostly lecturing, research and consultancy work. I have twin boys of 24 and a girl of 20. It would be great to hear from some of the guys from my era.

Sargeant, Nicholas  (1997 - 02)  - Student


Saunders, Sean  (1985 - 88)  - Manager of Engineering

Parents are descendants from Trinidad. Fond years at Trinity. Currently, I'm the Manager of Engineering for a consultant company in North Carolina. Looking forward to attending my first Soca in Moka.

Sawyer, Kareem  (2001 - 06)  - Soccer Star

"I am ,currently, the future of trinity college soccer."

Sayers, Dave  (1990 - 92)  - BANK TELLER


Sayers, Dave  (1990 - 92)  - ASSISTANT BANK MANAGER


Scoon, Spencer  (1989 - 94)  - Concordia College Student 1999-2002

Scott, Werhner  (1982 - 88)  - Senior Network Engineer

Sealy, Brian  (1988 - 1993)  - A/C Technician

I'm still involved in arranging get togethers and activities with the Alumni & the boxing day sweat It's always nice to link up with the guys

Sealy, Bryan  (1968 - 74)  - Business Executive

Seaton, Stephen  (1970 - 75)  - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

See Wai, Sean  (1983 - 89)  - Computer Operator

Serrette, Miguel  (1991 - 95)  - Algonquin College Computer Engineering

Sheafe, Cheyenne  (1984 - 89)  - Architect. (Wash., DC)

Shepherd, Troy  (1985 - 86)  -

Teacher, (Canada)

Sheppard, Howard  (1973 - 79)  - Director of Contemporary Worship

Family moved to Los Angeles in 1980; got Bachelor's degree in Music; married w/3 kids; was Computer Systems Analyst for 13 yrs; now in full- time worship and music ministry in St Louis, Missouri

shields, hayden  (1984 - 92)  - Nuclear Medicine

Shields, Walter  (1986 - 94)  - Computer Engineer/Artist

Yaw, Residing in MN, US... There is no where else like Trinity College (FACT)... All Friends, Xenemies & Trinity crew in general, keep doing it, we making a difference... Respect All Teachers. Dont be afraid to send me a email vibe

Shim, David  (1965 - 1972)  - Marine Biologist

would be nice to know what old classmates are up to

Shukair, Abdulrahman  (1981 - 20)  - FOOTBALL

My dream is to be professional footballer

Simmons, Shurland   (1981 - 1987)  - Category Specialist N.P.

I will alwayse owe a debt of gratitude to the college, for it has contributed grately toward my success in life.

Simon, Aran  (1990 - 1996)  - Student/Reggae Artiste

Just humble in JAH name

Singh, Devindra  (1995 - 02)  - Deceased, 2003

He was very active in school events in his earlier years at trinity, made a positive contribution to his school at those times.

Singh, Ernest  (1991 - 95)  -

born cascade 1969, Bsc BIT at University of Westminster, London UK. Currently Director of Gourmet Services Ltd UK.

Singh, Gregory  (1993 - 95)  - Morehouse Student

Singh, Gregory  (1993 - 95)  - Educator

Singh, Matthew  (2008 - 2009)  - student

wanna be d best goalie ever

Siyolo, Kamau  (1978 - 83)  - Information Engineer

Cool guy.

skerritt, colin  (1979 - 86)  - Real estate Broker

Of all the things I've done, 15yrs mid m'gmt in banking, started paintballing in T'dad with a next ole boy Nigel Clement, married with twin all started with picking oranges and cocoa along the stretch running for the bus..

Skinner, Meguel  (1981 - 1986)  - Sr Customs Agent (Fedex Barbados)

I will provide more info soon.

Slater, Dwayne  (1993 - 98)  - Student - B.M.C.C.

I was a lost soul in Trinity, friends & acquaintances did nothing to guide me. I am still a bit lost, but at least I now have a purpose. All hail the bush boys!!!

Smart, Christian  (1993 - 00)  - Graphic Designer

Smith, Steve  (1958 - 66)  - Computer Consultant

Sooknarine, Teeluck  (1975 - 1980)  - investor, author, jack of all trades

Migrated to America in '97 with my wife and two children. Living in New York, (by the beach of course), working at ABC News in the city, getting ready to publish my first book "Shock and Awe on America." It will be controversial I assure you.

Sparks, Brandon  (1990 - 2009)  - Mechanics

I\'m an outgoing and very hard working

Sparks, Brandon  (1990 - 2009)  - Mechanics

I\'m an outgoing and very hard working

Spence, Kwanice  (1987 - 05)  - School

I am an pre-eminent, adventurous, amiable, fun and sophisticated person who takes school seriously.

Spicer, David  (1971 - 79)  - graphic designer

Spicer, Roderick  (1969 - 78)  - Pilot, Self Employed

Spicer, Simon  (1973 - 81)  - Marketing Ex.

Joined in 1L. Belonged to Anstey House with the late Mr. Cowie as the Head Master. Played Rugby and Chess for the school. Nick named SPREE & SAM.

Spooner, Chenelle  (2004 - 06)  -

St Louis, Stacey  (1991 - 93)  - Computer Aide

I went to trinity for A-levels

St. Bernard, Godfrey Dr.  (1970 - 77)  - Research Fellow/Lecturer, UWI

St. Hill, Damian  (1977 - 84)  - Business Development Executive

Was in the "brightest" "L" class in a LONG time! All from 1977 still doing great! Homage to all that we knew that have since passed. The memories are beyond measure

St. John, George "cherrie"  (1979 - 83)  - Self Employed

St. Louis, Joy  (1989 - 91)  - Student

St.Clair-Douglas, Hayden  (1974 - 1981)  - Attorney-at-Law

1974 was definitely a good year. Whether you took the French Street or Charlotte Street bus, or whether you came to school on bike or by car. We were fresh faced and some of us were timid. Some were crazy from the start. It was 1L or 1R. Long pants vs. Short Pants. Cherrie or McAlpine. Top field or bottom field. Klink, Butters, Ghost Man, Jungles, Oogles, blind Mr. Edwards. The orange and the cocoa was sweet for days, but keep out!!! We had good times! We had excellent times! We had Chinas, but Belmont Secondary wash we pot in Intercol Final. Whatever it was, Witchipoo was there!!!

St.Clair-Douglas, Hayden  (1974 - 1981)  - Attorney-at-Law

1974 was a good year. Whether it was French Street or Charlotte Street bus, or by bike (Spicer, Williams) or by car. We were fresh faced and eager. It was 1L vs 1R, Long Pants vs Short Pants. It was Top Field or Bottom Field. It was Klink, Butters, Ghost Man, Jungles, Oogles, Cherrie, Cowie, blind Mr. Edwards. We had Chinapoo, Zanders, Dash, Hodge, Monks, Arajo but Belmont Sec still wash we pot in the Intercol Final. The oranges and cocoa was sweet, but don\'t go there!! Whatever it was, Witchipoo was there.

Stephen, Gershwin  (1972 - 77)  - High School Teacher

I was known as puss-in-boots in Trinity. I am living in Long Island N.Y. and I teach High School History. Married with 3 children. In University doing a Ph.D in History.

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