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george, michael  (1992 - 1996)  - markting director las vegas nv.

my brothers went to this school too

gibbs, rene  (1994 - 01)  - student

d fig tree is still alive

Gift, Derrick  (1978 - 19)  - Administrator

I was there when "one eye" was still around. People like Hayden Blades (Breeze) and Nigel Charles(Hardface) was the people then. Whats up "Gouti"?

Gill, Richard  (1977 - 1982)  - Business Analyst

Trinity College was and is still one of the best colleges in Trinidad and Tobago. We alumni continue to make a mark on the national landscape of this twin island republic.

Gioannetti, Nicholas  (1980 - 87)  - Graphic Artist/Designer

Still a WHITE BOY !

Girard, Johnathan  (1988 - 05)  - Student

Looking for a pilot school in Trinidad!!! help!!!

Glasgow, Richard  (1981 - 1989)  - Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Regulator

I attended Trinity from 1981 to 1988 or 89. During that time I must say that I enjoyed every minute of my time there, from 'rushing' for the bus ; to breaking beach through the cocoa patch. Of course in between that was alot of hard work. The dedication of teachers such as Ms. Cherrie, Mrs. McCalpin, Ms. Oogle, Ms. Saulters, Ms. Williams, Mr. Lockhart, ''Clink'', Mr. Hosten, etc, will never be forgotten.

Glasgow-Maeda, Neigeme  (1985 - 90)  - graphic artist,photograph,director

I've been living in France for the last 10 years where i'm concentrating on my photography and documentaries on the caribbean and its diaspora. My younger sisters go to trinity for their A levels, the last 2 graduated only this year,Nisha & Nyesha Glasgow.

Goddard, George  (1972 - 77)  - Musician

aka Beans, Buff, Cry (the Beloved Country). Music Major- Florida Memorial University.

Gomez, Nigel  (1982 - 89)  - Engineer

Presently residing in the US. Might be returning to T&T soon.

Gonsalves, Jimmy  (1982 - 88)  - Engineer /entrepreneur

Gonzales, Don  (1969 - 77)  - Manager - Internal Audit

Known as Pancho

Gopal, Jonathan  (83 - 86)  - Computer Engineer / Writer

don't know when i joined trinity, but it was before 86 when i left for australia. I also went to holy name prep school and la seiva R.C. school.

Gopaul, Joel  (1981 - 86)  - Biomedical Technician

Gopeesingh, Joshua  (2002 - 09)  - petroleum engineer(not yet)

i'm a paty boi who does his work

Gordon, David  (1970 - 76)  - Life Insurance Agent

Gordon, David  (1970 - 1976)  - Life Insurance Agent

Employed with Guardian Life Member of Lydian singers

Gordon, Gary  (94 - 99)  - Human Resources Assistant I

An aspiring Entrepreneur

Greaves, Daniel  (1998 - 02)  - Athlete

Well I am in to sports yeah any kinda sports wtaer sports bathroom sports anything.....

Greenhall, Paul  (1959 - 63)  - Museum Specialist

Graduated Wester High US 1965; US Army shortly afterwards Viet Nam Tour; Graduated University of Maryland 1973. Smithsonian Institution 1973 to present

Greenidge, Bruce  (1966 - 72)  - Goelogist

Since leaving school, I went on to study geology at Rutgers University, NJ,USA and UWI Mona, Jamaica. Presently working as Senior Operations Geologist at EOG Resources Trinidad Limited.

Greenidge, Ian  (1959 - 1962)  - Consultant (Housing Finance)(U.K.)

I was one of the second cohort of Trinity College students and joined when the main building was at the rear of Richmond Street boys school. Peter Helps was then Headmaster. Amongst the local teachers at that time whose names I remember, were Miss Ogle, Mr Spicer & Mr Adams. The latter being the only one with whom I have had contact since, as we met from time to time over the years here, in London. Some of the names of fellow students that I recall are: Frank Collins, Bruce Seal, Andre Jones, Dennis Edgehill, Anthony Stanford, Orson Lakhan & Winston Joseph. I left Trinidad on Independence day 1962 for what was meant to be a short visit to London, and have lived here since. I now visit TnT as often as I can, usually during the Carnival period. It gives me the opportunity to meet many of those still residing in TnT, as well as those who like me live in "Exile". Trinity College did provided me with a firm foundation. I wish the school a happy 50th.

Griffith, Bryan  (1969 - 70)  - Health Care Professional

Born in Trinidad, attended Tranquility Sec and Trinity College. Migrated to USA in 1970. Hobbies include coaching Boys/Mens Basketball (HS/College/Pro)

Groves, Robert  (1971 - 76)  - Pharmacologist PhD R&D


Guerra, Paul  (1986 - 1991)  - Security Consultant / Private Bailiff

former police officer and interpol detective. Chariman of my own company - Guerra Professional Services Limited. Formerly known as Malcolm Nickie 1L - 5L

Guerra, Rhys  (2000 - 2005)  - Student

Well i just drifted the school never making a scene and never in trouble. Well not in school at least............................................

Gulston, Oba  (1990 - 98)  - Sorts Therapist

Presently doing a doctor of physical therapy at Utica Collegee of Syaracuse university.

Hadad, Kerry  ( - )  - Accountant

Hamilton, Aaron  (1994 - 99)  - Business major

I was a bit of a comedian in my day. I lived in Arima so I was a school maxi "Jumbee" (Burning Fire... lol) I was in all sports ... R's RULE .... Gordon 4ever. School days were the best days and I'll never forget them.

Harewood, Sherard  (1992 - 99)  -


Harris, Cheyne  (1993 - 98)  - student @Lincoln University

juss cool

Harrison, Christian  (1968 - 74)  - Accountant

Living in Miami since 88

harrison, jurell  (2001 - 05)  - college student

neva make trinity side but i play pro. ball here in NY. im hoping to go to Boston University next september

Headley, Brian  (1969 - 1975)  - entrepreneur

I now reside in Toronto, with my beautiful bride, Jacqueline. In Febuary thiis year (2008) we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We have two children; a daughter 23, who got married last August and a son who is presently in college. We have learned that there is great value in keeping life simple and honoring spiritual things.

Heath, Harold  (1979 - 86)  - Snr. Systems Engineer

Engineer living in the US. Married with two children. I will always love Trinity.

Heath, Paul  (1982 - 88)  - Physical Therapist

Henry, Akeel  (2001 - 08)  - Student

I was one of the best panmen to past through trinity

Hercules, Jeff  (1965 - 73)  - Senior Computer Consultant

Hill, Hayden  (1975 - 83)  - financial director

Hirsinger, Gernot  (1959 - 67)  - electronics engineer / translator

Unfond memories of Trunity, but good friends from school days! Now far away in Berlin, Germany

Hirsinger, Volker  (1962 - 66)  - geoscience software developer

We develop oil+gas exploration systems in Adelaide, Australia. Haven't met any ex Trinity people in my travels of the oil industry!

Holder, Ayanna  (1998 - 2000)  - Student

I was deputy Head Prefect to then Head Prefect and Goalkeeper for the football team, Torinio Tracey. People will probably remember me by my locks, my nickname was Ras I was the only girl with that haistyle at that time in school. I was in the choir and sang the National Anthem at our Grad. My faveourite subjects were Geo and Literature.

Holder, Ruthven  (1961 - 66)  - RETIRED


Holder-Bute, Marcus  (2004 - 09)  - student

Yo, smeigel here. D BEST doublesecond player in Trincol. Wanna big up da whole L stream and remember success comes through hard work.

Horsham, Gary  (1971 - 76)  - Engineer: Technology Transfer

Hosang, Kirby Anthony  (1972 - 78)  - Manager

Hosein, Ansar  (1981 - 86)  - Network Administrator

Hosein, Jameel  (1989 - 94)  - Bum

Hosten, Dr. Charles  (1967 - 75)  - Prof. of Chemistry Howard University

Hunte, Nellon  (1981 - 1988)  - TV Presenter, WINTV

I would like to be informed of events and re- connect with many of my peers. I have not been to a reunion in forever so that would also be a great occasion to attend as well as other evetns that mat take place.

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