Moka Days : aka School Days

By Brian Lewis (1978-1983)

While our friends were busy going to school in town for 8am many of us were just awaking since we started at near 9am. Or maybe we were letting the school bus pass us by so we use the age old excuse..."Sir ah miss de bus.", or "Miss, de driver pass meh straight!"

While these same friends were busy inhaling smoke, fumes, and other pollutants, we were busy inhaling the crisp Moka air. Remember those occasions when we reached before 7:30am we would blow vapour from out mouths for the valley was so cold.

While our friends laughed at us for being in short pants in Form 1 & 2 (if you remember those days...well), we knew that come Christmas time when we had our annual church service with Bishops we would get lucky! Or so we hoped! At least the short pants were perfect for those small goal "World Cup" matches on the basketball court every lunch time. Or even better to run to the village in after school.

While our town friends were busy buying chicken and chips and pizza for lunch we were busy picking cocoa and oranges, or bullying some young punk in form 1 or 2 for our daily allowance of 25...whoops that slipped out.

While our friends watched concrete buildings in their break time we looked at the lovely 18 hole Moka golf course. And of course we found a few golf balls, opened them up, unravelled the never ending miles of rubber inside and played either small goal or cricket with the small rubber ball inside...and denied any knowledge of it when cross examined by "the Clink" or one of his cohorts.

And when our friends laughed at us and said "You Trinity people are bush people" we just smiled knowingly. Now they know why we never stop smiling about being called 'bush people'. ;-)

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